We are back once more
The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we are back on Achill island, this beautiful place where people are friendly and kind and go a long way to make us feel at home. It's almost become a yearly routine to come here in February, we said we would be back and here we are. This year there are twice as many of us with a much wider age range, a fact that has contributed to our creative interaction with the local community. A quick glance at the list of the workshops taking place during our stay shows the extent to which the local people are participting in our activities.

Moreover, nature has been really kind to us giving us plenty of sunshine and fine weather allowing us to make the most of our stay here. Looking at the view of the bay near Craoghaum (my favourite spot on the island) is indeed a humbling experience. The sheer beauty of the mountains in the background and the reflection of the sky in the water is just indescribable.

The beauty of the island and the warm reception of the islanders is an experience never to be forgotten. We will always remember the warm welcome we have been given by people from all walks of life, especially by Anne McCarthy, the Mayo County Arts Officer, Shiela McHugh, school teacher, Sean Cannon, artist and photographer, Maurine O'Mally from Spar, Tim Dailey from the Outdoor Education Centre,Sorcha Dailey from the Wayfarer's hostel and Teresa from the Achill Cliff House Restaurant. Special thanks to the organisers at the IT Centre and Maria Robinson for her kind gift of freshly homemade bread and smoked salmon.

Lili Wilson (Brighton group coordinator)

"The train ran along the coastline, offering a marvellous view of the sea and the beach..."

"...we were all excited to meet the islanders..."

"Once upon a time in the drizzling middle of Ireland..."

"Yepeeh! - that´s it - the most important thing is to be happy !"

"Three shepherds and their dog were found dead on the other side of Slievemore..."

"Pool games were won and lost..."

"One acre could feed an entire family..."

"...ancient castle of the piratqueen Grace O´Malley..."

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