"Wow! That's strange!" a voice from behind whispered.
The house before them sat right across the railway line.
In fact, it looked as though it had decided to move, but in the middle of crossing the rails it had simply stopped.
"I have a feeling that this disused railway line is in some way part of our final challenge" the same voice said, no longer in a whisper but loud and clear.
Achill Island lay
them. It is early
of very different on a journey th
Some of them
However, there
brought them
Join them,

spread out before
in 2001 and a group
Europeans have ventured
at has taken them to the island.
have met before, some not.
is something which has
together to this island.
travel with them, on their journey of adventure.

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Web-page by Thomas Berger, Text by Alexandra Haas, Thomas Berger, Pat Shrimpton,
Original Pictures by Sean Cannon, Western Light Art gallery, Keel, Achill Island ©

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