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On "CONNECT" the Internet Train

- you can change trains at links
- you can choose the longer but scenic route
- you can become friends with complete strangers


- you might get stuck or lost in the network
- you might end up where you did not expect to be
- you might even be delayed or diverted

CONNECT brings together people from 8 European countries to make a Cultural Journey from Virtual to Real.

In our respective countries we write web-stories that take us on a fictitious train journey through Europe. In our stories we will get our inspirations from the cultural heritage around train travel. We will explore our country's

- architecture
- social & technical history
- literature
- visual arts

In this "virtual phase" of the project we take our cultural heritage into our own hands and use it as raw material for our creative fictions.

In February 2001 we finally go from virtual to real. We will travel by train from our home towns along the lines of our own stories through Europe. On our way we connect with other participants and together we travel as a growing group. Heading towards the end of our journey in the far West of Ireland all European participants share their cultural experiences. We will produce a collage of our stories in words and images and present it on the internet.

The Internet with its infinite possibilities provides us with the perfect medium for our learning experience that is innovative and open-ended

Think of your learning as a journey! Be TRAINed

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