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Think of your learning as a journey! Be TRAINed
Experiment with Internet based means of expression and work togehter with other authors and participants in an intercultural team.
Send your character on a fictional journey through Europe. Let your character interact with other characters of our web stories, creating an interlinked network of stories and episodes. The main settings of the stories are trains and train stations in Europe. Use our train network of "main trains" of the journey as an orientation guide for your stories. Feel free to combine pictures, sounds and text. Use strong (related to keywords) and weak (related to associations to a specific paragraph) hyperlinks to connect your stories with each other and with stories of fellow participators.

Send your ideas and questions to the project to our project forum. If you would like to contribute to the web stories subscribe to our electronic group:

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Send your complete web stories to stories@eu-train.net

The network TRAINing team will try to integrate your contributions into the web-stories as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact your local co-ordinator.

Have fun and be part of the story!

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